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Date Posted Part Name Manufacturer Price Each Description
1/10/2018  FF20X18SSFFXSSF  Flexing  $315.40  2" X 18" FLANGED FLEX W/S.S. FLANGES 
1/10/2018  DEF15X18 MXM  Flexing  $170.37  FIREFLEX CON, 1.5" X 18 MXM, SS 
1/10/2018  107627-5000  Flexing  $69.58  1 1/2" X 12" S.S. FLEXPIPE 
1/10/2018  107627-2000  Flexing  $84.13  1 1/2" X 30" FLEXPIPE - ABOVEGROUND 
1/10/2018  FFUL10X24HMXHM  Flexing  $65.47  1" X 24" S.S. FLEX CONNECTOR 
8/16/2017  FRP10X24  Flexing  $117.93  Connector, FireFlex, 1-1/2in. Mx24in. EZ Tee,  
8/16/2017  FLXSW300300  Flexing  $14.67  Hose, 1in. x 3' Softwall MxM 
8/16/2017  FLHFR300800  Flexing  $37.80  Hose, 1in. x8', Blck, HrdWl, PrivateLabel, FX 
8/16/2017  AV24X050MXMWMG  Flexing  $728.70  Hose, Aviation, 1.5 x 50' 
8/16/2017  MAXXIMASY10  Flexing  $63.01  Hose, Whip Balance 1FT.FX 
8/16/2017  FLXHW200806-GRN  Flexing  $35.53  3/4'' X 8.6' GREEN HARDWALL HOSE 
8/16/2017  MAXXIMASY60  Flexing  $97.53  6' BALANCE HOSE 
8/16/2017  FFUL15X18HMXHM  Flexing  $50.48  Connector, 1-1/2in. X 18in. MXM Flex 
8/16/2017  EZX20FGTEE  Flexing  $74.20  2in Glue X EZ Fit 
8/16/2017  FFUL15X12HMHM  Flexing  $58.57  Connector, Flex 1.5 X 12in. Male X Male, FX 
8/16/2017  18"  Flexing  $81.09  Connector, Flex 1 1/2MX21”EZ 
8/16/2017  FXLHW301200YELO  Flexing  $56.18  Hose, 1in. x12', Yellow, Flex-Ing 
8/16/2017  EZX30FG  Flexing  $49.29  3in. EZ X 30 GLUE 
8/16/2017  FLXHW301200GRN  Flexing  $56.18  Hose, 1in. x12', Green, Flex-Ing 
8/16/2017  FFUL10X30HMXHM  Flexing  $48.36  1in. X30in. Flex Connector 
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