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Date Posted Part Name Manufacturer Price Each Description
1/6/2020  A13231  Oasis Carwash  $43.73  INJECTOR HFI SST 
1/6/2020  A10158  Oasis Carwash  $3.96  PUSH LOCK TEE 
1/6/2020  A10970  Oasis Carwash  $12.29  INJECTOR HFI SST 
1/6/2020  A11003  Oasis Carwash  $29.08  SW FLOAT 1/8" 
1/6/2020  A11130  Oasis Carwash  $431.48  HYPRO SEAL KIT 
1/6/2020  A11335  Oasis Carwash  $1.65  O-RING 5-616 EPDM 
1/6/2020  A11931  Oasis Carwash  $1.38  SPRING SST HD 
1/6/2020  A11990  Oasis Carwash  $29.49  AMERICAN SUPER 
1/6/2020  A12033  Oasis Carwash  $3.72  O RING BERKELEY 
1/6/2020  A12126  Oasis Carwash  $33.80  VLV CHEM--GC 
1/6/2020  A12349  Oasis Carwash  $103.76  VALVE ASSY HYPRO 
1/6/2020  A12596  Oasis Carwash  $17.40  BELT B60 (MUST 
1/6/2020  A12629  Oasis Carwash  $16.50  INJECTOR CDS-1- 
1/6/2020  A12641  Oasis Carwash  $184.06  VALVE KIT DEMA 
1/6/2020  A10933  Oasis Carwash  $26.40  COIL FOR DANFOSS 
1/6/2020  A2009  Oasis Carwash  $11.17  BRG BALL BRG SEALED 
1/6/2020  A2457  Oasis Carwash  $77.14  VLV CHK SST 3500 
1/6/2020  A2456  Oasis Carwash  $39.60  VLV CHK SST .375 
1/6/2020  A2380  Oasis Carwash  $42.49  VLV SOL NC 2/60 
1/6/2020  A2378  Oasis Carwash  $258.23  VALVE HYD 4 WAY 
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