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Date Posted Part Name Manufacturer Price Each Description
1/11/2021  244-006-5  Red Jacket  $10.00  PRESSURE TRANSDUCER 
1/4/2021  072-718-1  Red Jacket  $46.53  PACKER DISCHARGE SEAL 
1/4/2021  138-047  Red Jacket  $16.02  O/S CHECK VALVE 
1/4/2021  116-059-5  Red Jacket  $458.92  FX2DV DIESEL MECHANICAL LEAK DETECTOR W/ TEST PORT 
1/4/2021  116-058-5  Red Jacket  $243.32  FX1DV DIESEL MECHANICAL LEAK DETECTOR 
1/4/2021  113-105-5  Red Jacket  $7.40  CONNECTOR SNAP RING TYPE 
1/4/2021  111-661-5  Red Jacket  $63.14  CAPACITOR FOR 1.5 HP SUB PUMP 
1/4/2021  111-092-5  Red Jacket  $99.23  CAPACITOR FOR 1/3 OR 3/4 HP SUB PUMP 
1/4/2021  014-723-1  Red Jacket  $33.88  RELAY FOR NEW STYLE CONTROL BOXES 
1/4/2021  076-185  Red Jacket  $7.35  SEAL ASSEMBLY 
1/4/2021  144-183-5  Red Jacket  $80.03  CHECK VALVE KIT 
1/4/2021  072-718-1  Red Jacket  $22.13  PACKER MANIFOLD O-RING TURBINE PUMP 
1/4/2021  072-542-1  Red Jacket  $17.42  PACKER O-RING FOR QUANTUM 
1/4/2021  072-240-5  Red Jacket  $22.33  O-RING - PACKER MANIFOLD 
1/4/2021  072-193-1  Red Jacket  $3.08  CONNECTOR YOKE O-RING TURBINE PUMP 
1/4/2021  071-060  Red Jacket  $18.83  RELAY 
1/4/2021  038-072  Red Jacket  $36.19  LEAK DETECTOR HOUSING 
1/4/2021  027-216-1  Red Jacket  $7.13  BRASS FITTINGS SET FOR XLP 
1/4/2021  076-382-1  Red Jacket  $4.97  PACKER DISCHARGE ORING 
1/4/2021  323-002-5  Red Jacket  $170.98  ADJ. PREC. FUNCTIONAL ELEMENT (OLD AG) 
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