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Several things create Dead Stock: Customer returns, cancellations, MOJ spec changes, OEM updates and oversights during the ordering process. If the manufacturers took back all returns regardless of when the items were ordered you wouldn't have a dead stock problem.

Another problem with the industry is supply & demand. Let's say for example you need a part to fix a customer's gas pump, tank monitor or POS and the part isn't in your stock, so you call the manufacturer and order it - only to discover the part is back-ordered for weeks. Now your customer is mad at YOU and not the manufacturer because his revenue generating gas pump is out of service.

Would it be nice to get that part the day after you need it? We believe we have a solution to the supply & demand issue. That solution is the Dead Stock Website. Not enough distributors talk to each other about their inventory problems. While you wait for that part, another distributor has the same part in his inventory which they may consider it to be Dead Stock. Their part gathers dust while you wait weeks for the factory to ship your order.

On this website you can list your dead stock inventory for others to see. It costs you nothing - it's FREE. There are no fees for the buyer or seller.

How does it work?
You enter a part in our system and it stays there until you delete it or when the listing expires in 36 months. Potential buyers are searching the site for the parts they want. You and the seller work out the delivery and payment details.

It is that simple and it turns your dead stock into CA$H!!

Will the OEM manufacturers be outraged at this web site?
No. Two of the pump manufacturers search the website regularly for parts their distributors need. The manufacturers welcome this website. It keeps them from manufacturing small lots of the part (when you only need one) and removes items from your inventory.

Your ads not selling?
The Dead Stock Website has had over 32000 ads posted since 2004 from hundreds of contractors. What we've learned from them is that sometimes items are overpriced, items may be undesirable, or the description isn't clear. The search engines index the Dead Stock Website daily so anyone searching for the parts you listed will appear in the search results.

Here are a few tips to help your ads sell. When pricing your items ask yourself who do you want to buy the items? Contractors, oil companies, station owners, exporters, etc. If someone needs your items ASAP then price isn't a factor, it's more of an availability option. If you want contractors to consider buying your items for their inventory how are the items priced? Below their OEM cost? There needs to be an incentive to purchase your items. Another helpful hint is use the OEM part numbers not your internal part number. Stop replacing the number zero with the letter O; we see that frequently with Gilbarco part numbers. Or part numbers wrote without the proper placement of dashes or eliminating them all together.

Search or enter parts into the database - click the button!



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